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Friday, June 10, 2011


Jadi wanita dalam dunia serba moden canggih ni menjadikan all women are superwomen. Seriously, you have to juggle between work and family. I mean if you are a mother, kat office dh kena kerja all out, balik rumah masak, jaga anak, jaga husband, kemas rumah, blogging, online shopping...haih..banyak tu. So Prudential being Prudential, come out with a plan specially for women ..PRUlady takes the worry out being a women!

Ok..apa yang best sgt prulady ni??

If you refer to the above illustration, there are 4 plans that u can choose from. I choose plan ..coz I sangat takut terkena penyakit2 wanita ni. So amik maximum terus.

On the left is the coverage that we offered such as coverage for the female illnesses benefit (all female cancers:breast cancer, cervix cancer, fallopian cancer etc)
As u can see we also covers during maternity – pregnancy complications (no.8) , infant congenital diseases (no. 9). Haa bagus kan cover untuk mak ada, untuk baby lahir pun ada..

PRUlady pays a benefit of 3% of lifetime limit in the event of (subject to a total of 2 events):






Another thing is that this plan gives u moneyback benefit IF no claims are made.. or if claims are made we will refund the balance yg u didn’t claim…SO NOTHING TO LOSE RIGHT?

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pruhealth medical card. Sick?We cover.Healthy? We reward.

We pay your medical bills. With coverage as low as RM500k to a max RM1.5mill subject to the plan you subsribe. We even pay hospitalization for H1N1, dengue, bad fever and etc. not just the critical illness.

You also will get hospital allowance if you are admitted to the hospital. You may get RM200 per day (depends on units attached with ur plan) for ward, double reward for ICU, and RM2500 for surgery.


If you never claim for any year, means you are healthy which is great , you will be rewarded with Bonus. See, sick?we cover. Healthy? we reward. What a good plan right..
Wait no more. Premium increase as u get older. Better make a wise decision now before its too late where the premium is higher or when you are already sick no insurance will accept ur request.  Some people who still working may think its not important now coz their company where they work provide insurance for staff but what's gonna happen upon retirement? If at that time you dont have medical card, maybe you gonna use your EPF. For me, its better if someone else pay my RM50k medical bill rather I use up my saving /EPF. Mind you medical bill will increase by year..

Contact me via email or 0193433431

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who need insurance? I'm always healthy and co. also provide insurance maa..

As an agent, I always hear that coming from a person when I say the word insurance. Justification is as simple as these.


We don't know and can't predict what might happen in the future, so in present, we need to have some sort of comfort or security if such unfortunate event occurs in the future, we are prepared.

If people say "Hey I'm healthy.I always take a good care of my health. I don't fall sick easily".Don't say that my friends, coz we are human. We plan to stay and always be healthy but it does not always end up that way. How do I signup my own insurance?

It was my mom who get me Prudential when I was a teenager. It all happened because of my sister. She was 15. Still in Form 3. Still young. She was very active and a very happy teenage girl. Until one day. She collapsed at school. Sent to Gen.Hosp.Stay there for a week to see whats the cause and she was suspected to problem with her kidney. But my parents weren't satisfied so they send her to PrivateHosp. There in 2 days, result came out and she is diabetic. Forgot what level but a year after that she's on insulin. She was supposed to be in the PrivateHosp. until the sugar level is stabilize but before a week the bill already skyrocketing and my parents couldn't afford it anymore. So back to Gen.Hosp again. She stayed there for 30 days in Class 3 ward as was advise by a doctor that class 3 is where doctors and nurses always be there unlike Class 1 & 2. She was sick but she doesn't feel sick. She have to stand the unconfortable class 3 ward which is pack of peoples and people besides her bed keep coming and dying in front of her eyes. She cannot study for her PMR that year. Soon after that my mom get insurance for all my siblings exluding my diabetic sister. And that insurance my mom got us is PRUDENTIAL as it really is the face you can trust. Go ask the panel hospital which insurance is the best, they will say Prudential. So people protect yourself and your loved ones before its too late.

When unfortunate event happened to you, if you are protected against financial losses you would have nothing to worry about.Even your family would be taken care of. If you are sick, you don't have to burden your family with hospital and medication bills. If you were to leave this world early, you don't leave your family with no money, no back up plan, no saving. Leave them some money to pay off your debts, to give them a comfort to continue their life, and to take care of them a while after u are gone.

If you say your company provides u insurance benefits, is it ever enough to cover if suddenly you were diagnosed u have critical cancer? If you have your own personal insurance, you will be covered by both insurance then it should be enough. Medical bills are very expensive and if you use up all your retirement fund to pay the medical bills, what is left for you to enjoy? Buzz me if you need protection and I will help you out.

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